Why hire Monster?

Seen one classic rock cover band, seen them all, right? Not anymore.

MONSTER takes classic rock covers to a new level by playing popular covers and past hits, including a
special tribute to our favourite band, RUSH! Dance or just rock out to the tunes you love and miss,
MONSTER covers it from AC/DC to ZZ TOP.

Monster is a fun three piece band of talented musicians that will deliver a
great night of entertainment every time.

Recognized for their cohesive sound and engaging shows, Monster has
developed a substantial following in the local bar scene. MONSTER is
born of Matt's, Dave's and Doug's vast spectrum of styles and
influences to create a life of it's own that is
captivating and exciting to see and hear.

Not just an average bar band as described by club owners and fellow musicians,
Monster is a three piece band that sounds much bigger.
Monster is the complete package, batteries included, that delivers a quality show for any venue.

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